At a Glance
Our company had achieved the following progress in terms of expanding & introducing new services and this process is continues over the time:
Switching systems
  • Changing Sulaimaniayh centre exchange [cross bar with 10000 sub.] to (3)digital exchanges with a total capacity of (38500 Sub).

  • connecting these exchanges together with fiber optics cable using SDH’s.

  • Increasing the number of subscribers by installing a new exchange with a capacity of (61000 sub) & deploying remote units all over the city.

  • Installing a new Tandem switch.

  • Installing the IN system to provide IN services.


Public Phone service cost effective and best service

Our company with the cooperation of (Andazyar) company introduces the Public Phone service at sulimanyah at 12-9-2007, this project will be expanded in phases to cover  the city's public locations and help all the citizens to utilize our services regardless  being  KURDTEL subscriber or not.


Launching the IN system:

Our company had launched the IN services for it's customers in 1-Aug-2007and Starting with introducing the PPT service (The Post paid & Prepaid services). The PPT service refers to an IN service which a service subscriber registered for fixed-line telephones. The PPT service we offer includes two types of accounts, prepaid account and postpaid account. The characteristics are as follows:

  • Prepaid account for intercity and international calls a service subscriber has to deposit the call fee in advance using KURDTEL prepaid scratch cards, and then uses the service. The system deducts the call fee from the subscriber's account at real time ,unlimited local calls offered versus flat monthly subscription.

  • Postpaid account for intercity &international calls a service subscriber can use the service first, and then pays the fees. We offer this service to the government establishments and some private companies.

Cables Network
  • Sulaimaniayh cable network from (19500 pairs ) to (92500 pairs) and the expansion process is still ongoing ,all the necessary work for this process was done by our technical staff.

  • Build up a fiber optics network for connecting the company’s sites also interconnecting the other Telecomm companies